Why Torrid is Haute

Recently I’ve decided to stop dieting and work on my mental health with that I’ve been gaining a lot of weight. As my metabolism starts becoming more stable I hope that the weight I’ve gained naturally comes off, but if it doesn’t then I have a whole new avenue of clothes to explore. Most of the time I’ve been shopping at neimans and other straight sized stores.  

Top from Kate Spade, skirt from Ted Baker, Blazer from Guess?

Notice that I’m literally stuffing myself into my clothes. It uncomfortable and a little annoying. 

 I received a notification that Rebel Wilson for Torrid’s line just released and I scoured the website for the clothes and they were gorgeous! I’m in a good headspace now that I don’t give a f if I’m shopping at a plus-sized store. I just want clothes that fit. I went to my local Torrid and they were literally taking out the shipment. I picked up the outfit above because I want to feel like a curvy Cinderlla. I never had clothes that fit this well before! Not only did I look great, I was super comfortable!   

I also picked up 2 pairs of skinny jeans and they actually fit and my rolls weren’t sticking out! I have a new love for Torrid, I was always a hot topic girl so I guess this is the evolution! 

What’s important about this post is that I’m accepting my body for what it is and not trying to fit anyone’s else standard size of beauty. I’m totally healthy at a size 12, but now I feel better in my clothes! 

Until next time Hauteys! I’ll post more photos me in my new clothes next time 🙂 


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