Welcome to Haute Couture and Cuisine and Other Things

This is probably attempt #3 at starting a blog, but hey if someone (I’m calling you Hauteys) is reading this, thank you!  I’m Lilith and welcome to my world. I have my wicked cool instagram account with photos of food, fashion, and my everyday life. This blog is more of what is going on in my mind and what you can learn from my learnings and mistakes.


This is Leo.  You’ll see him a LOT!  He’s my dog and super cute and fluffy.  I’m here to talk about food, fashion, body positivity and other things that peak my interest.  SO enjoy this ride with me!

Lily & Anthony's Wedding 2015
This is my and my husband, you’ll see a lot of me!  Not so much him
I chose this title of A Lil Huate in Life because we all need to feel good about ourselves. Believe you are haute!  Praise our bodies like its a temple and screw those food pushers and concern trolls. 

Haute = high-class and pronounced as “hot” 

Until next time! 

Ce Luu Vie (cause my last name is Luu)


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